Increase the Speed of your Shopify Store

With our Speed Audit, we’ll help you identify bottlenecks that’s causing your Shopify Store to run slow, and in return will help you to rank better in Google once your website is blazing fast again.

Speed up your Shopify Store for more customers

Our 30 point speed audit is comprehensive and looks at multiple layers of your website and infrastructure. We’ll cover checks such as:

  • Content Delivery Network Configuration
  • Shopify Liquid Efficiency & Redundancy
  • Image Optimization
  • Google Speedtest
  • Mobile Asset Optimization
  • Shopify Plugin Benchmarking
  • Cache Efficiency & TTL
  • Script Defferal & Asynchronization
  • Lazy Loading & Smart Load
  • CSS Pruning

Every millisecond counts, especially in a saturated market. That’s why you need to check every asset, every request, every script and every single layer of the hyper text transfer protocol from server to browser and squeeze every last drop of speed out of the process.

At Smartico we’ve helped multi-million dollar ecommerce sites with Speed Audits that’s helped increase their speed and performance in Google which ultimately helps improve sales and conversion. At the end of the day, what user doesn’t want a fast shopping experience.

Contact us today to get your Audit started.