Shopify Technical Audit for Ecommerce Stores

Your Shopify store should be technically sound at all times, so that users can browse your website without any problems and Google can crawl your pages without getting stuck. There are numerous things that can go wrong, from a malformed hyperlink, to insecure content being loaded over a secure HTTPS connection and everything in between. We provide technical audits for Ecommerce Store owners to find these issues.

Shopify Technical Audit

Our Shopify Technical Audit is focused on several key areas, which will look for problems associated with SEO, user experience and general website health.

  • Google Crawl Health & Google Index Verification
  • 404 Page Not Found Errors / Broken Links
  • Secure versus Non-Secure Content
  • Breadcrumb Readability
  • Website Security / Vulnerability Scan
  • Sitemap Structure & Robots File Check
  • Google Red Flag Checker
  • Duplicate Content & Page Titles
  • Web Script Optimization
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Internal Site Search
  • Site Hierarchy & URL Structure

We have a separate Shopify SEO Audit that covers more SEO checks, and a dedicated Shopify Store Speed Audit to help ensure your website is blazing fast.

If you’d like to talk to our Shopify Experts about starting your Technical Audit, fill out your details below and we’ll send you a quote.